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Should I tip my groomer

 Regular grooming of your favorite pet is way for them to be healthy and and fresh . While some like to groom their dogs on their own while some people like to take their dogs to groomers for professional care. Grooming is just not keeping a dog clean it is important for his overall health . from unfortunate   spots on your pet to long nails of the dog grooming can  result in perfectly trimmed nails , un-tangled fur and so on. 

Whether small or fluffy or a giant every dog needs that extra bit of love and care to feel healthy and a little bit lighter after losing all that fur. Some people take care of their fluffy friend by themselves and some like to take the help of professional hands when it comes to their pet best friend .

 Before going into details of whether we should be tipping a dog groomer or not let’s just discuss some of the treatment options  a  professional groomer can offer .

What a professional groomer can do:

A professional groomer not only makes your dog look lovely as uber neat . He can also do a number of other things 

Health assessment:

If the groomer is well trained and knows what he is doing at his job other than not only cleaning he will notice other things about the pup too like the condition of your dog’s fur, his teeth, gum, any pests or sore spots while they are grooming your dog . As they are touching  and looking at spots of the dog while cleaning that you can’t see or easily  take notice  of, it can be easy for them to notice all of these health conditions.

Styling after a bath:

It can be obvious or you can be questioning why bathing is the first thing they are supposed to do . Simply bathing a dog is not all they do. After bathing, styling  also requires some skilled hands. While some puppies do not require that much care other than just combing hair , some can need styling in tricky areas like  around eyes , mouth and toes. So doing all that styling only a trained professional can be able to do it.

Cleaning spots tougher to reach:

Cleaning of eyes , ear or buttocks can be a tricky job if a dog is sensitive and is not used to it so in that case a skilled hand is all you need . While cleaning eyes or taking care of ‘ eye junk’ a groomer will also have to be mindful to check for any infections (such as yeast in ears ) or anal glands when necessary.


Trimming of nails:

Its not every dog that likes it when you trim his nails and if he is a sensitive one than trimming his claws can be difficult to handle leaving a professional job to do carefully.

What questions should you be asking before  leaving your dog at groomers:

It’s not like you can leave your four legged loved one at any potential groomes place . You need to know the different services he is offering and what knowledge he has about different breeds. You can prepare a list of questions and can have them answered by looking at a professional’s online profile . some of the basics can  be :

Do you have professional experience:

You can ask him he has professional experience in dog grooming or a special certification because some groomers don’t  have any kind of formal training but they let their experience speak for itself.

Knowledge about breeds:

You can ask if has knowledge about different breeds and how he knows about dogs generally.

How much time will it take:

It is an important question to ask because everybody is busy. You can’t just leave your dog at the groomer all day  and pick it up at night. Rather than that you have to keep in mind about your dogs potty timing and eating schedule.

What your package includes:

It’s not like everything a professional groomer can offer will be included in services . Some do provide basic services in one package without extra charges or some can charge for ‘add on’ options that you may like.

Can I watch:

Some professionals like to do things on their own and don’t want any disturbance because your pup can be overly excited or hard to control watching you standing there make it hard for the  professional to do his job . So it is up to the professional to determine whether they will allow viewing or not. 

Can you tip your groomers:

Its can be different for any industry like going to coffee or a restaurant and the services of a barista or the waiter and if you lie to tip them for the service. Groomers are providing a service for you and your dog. 

Not to mention the patience that grooming requires because every dog is unpredictable and dogs don’t always cooperate .

So your question can easily be answered should I be tipping my groomers or not . The Answer is simply  Yes . You should be tipping your groomer if he did a marvelous job at grooming your dog and he is looking all clean and fresh . You can tip him off a standard 20% of the bill or if you have noticed your dog hairstyle  styling is looking extra  good and  the groomer has put extra effort in it then you can tip more. It is totally up to you how much you would like to tip him.


Tipping your groomer when you can’t afford it:

There is no pressure that you have to tip your groomer. It’s entirely up to you we all have bill problems so instead of giving money you can also give him appreciation and love or even a referral which he will be happy about if the extra effort is being appreciated and recognized.

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