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Training Services

Our  dog training sessions are intended to make life with your four legged friend better for you and, in turn, for your dog.  Our personalized dog training plan will cover an array of behavioral issues and basic obedience needs ranging from, but not limited to, the following:

*Discounts for rescue adoptions and senior citizens available

In Person Training Service Consultation
30 minutes: $45

All service consultations will be conducted in person and will require a deposit of $45.00. We want to meet you and your pet to evaluate your needs and ensure you are investing in the best training for your dog. After your consultation, if you decide to move forward with a training contract, we will credit the $45 consultation fee.

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In Home Single Individual Training Session 45 minutes: $125

(puppies under 8 months) 

The single private session is perfect for targeting specific behavior needs on an “as needed” basis.   Private dog training sessions are for the dog owner that is skilled but needs a refresher or tweaks to the current training plan.

In Home Single Individual Training Session 60 minutes: $140

 (dogs over 8 months Old)

Our emphasis is on balanced training where a dog is motivated to work at its optimal capability. We ensure that all of our training is centered on preparing a dog to be functional in the real world and completely customized to each individual dog.

5 Session Training Package (in home) 45 minutes per session: $500

(puppies under 8 months old)

Puppy training programs give you a head start and give you everything you need to successfully train your puppy at home. In addition, the program helps you deal with problems that commonly occur in the first six months.

5 Session Training Package (in home) 60 minutes per session: $600

(dogs over 8 months old)

Dogs learn best in a familiar and safe environment free of outside distractions and disruptions. That’s why our trainers come directly to your home, to build an effective foundation for better dog behavior. We partner with you to address your dog’s behavior issues in the location where they occur – which means faster and longer-lasting solutions for you and your dog.

One Individual Training Session (at Meridian location) 60 minutes: $90

(puppies under 8 months old will receive 45 minute training sessions)

Basic dog training class lays the foundation for the dog and owner to advance to a higher level of training.

5 Session Training Package (at Meridian location) 60 minutes per session: $380

(puppies under 8 months old will receive 45 minute training sessions)


Ideal for puppies, adolescents, dogs new to your home, and as a refresher course for older dogs

You’ll learn how to positively motivate your dog to perform specific behaviors such as sit, stand, down, off, come, stay, and walk politely on leash. We’ll also focus on handling techniques and peer socialization.

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Health Policy


For Grooming & Playcare

All Vaccinations must be administered by a veterinarian. No home-administered vaccinations will be accepted. We are flexible and understanding when it comes to some older dogs no longer being vaccinated for DHPP and rabies.

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