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How to keep my dog matted free

Matting is a condition in your dog’s fur that is caused by dense tangles and knots, they are not just ugly but they can cause a lot of pain and damage to your dog’s skin. Matting can also lead to skin irritation, itching and infection. Once the mats start to form, they seem to collect more and more hair to a point where your dog’s entire coat becomes a mass of matts.

Removal of mats and tangle can be a headache if you don’t like to stand still or don’t like the idea that you are pulling on their coat.

Mats normally occur in long-haired dogs during the time of shedding, as new hair growth mat can happen very close to the dog’s skin. The prevention of the mats is that it is advised to regularly groom your dog.                                                                                                                                                                                      



Matting can develop the dogs during shedding season and getting a summer coat, if the loose fur is or removed or brushed it can lead to matting.

Where do mats form?

Mats often occur in the areas of friction, such as under the collar behind the ears, in the armpits or on the lower legs where the legs rub together or where the dog comes into contact with grass, it can also occur in the areas of the body where they might be scratching.


Allergies can be a reason for mating as long hair dogs that have allergies itch and lick the infected area will often develop some matting.


If a dog has fleas the scratching will cause matted fur


It is not recommended to bathe a dog if there is matting as it will cause the mats to get tighter. If you wash your dog make sure to dry it completely and brush it out to avoid matting.


If the matting is mild on your dog try using detangling products, tools and brushes out. Try for early treatment when the matting is mild could be beneficial and less painful.

Make sure that you do not wash your dog for mat removal as it will only cause more damage and mats will be tightened. You can always take your dog to a groomer for early and timely treatment.

Dog dematting tools:


If your dog is vulnerable to tangle use a shampoo that cleans and conditions:

Detangle brush:

Regular brushes for your dogs work great for day to day maintenance and shedding but for a mat, it is better to use a specific detangler brush. You can always use a dementing comb as well.

Detangler spray:

Next in your tool should be a detangler spray which will not only condition but ease off the matting.

Clippers for dog matt hair:

There are specific sessions that are designed to keep dogs in mind its tips are rounded to prevent any kind of sharp cut and stabs

Process of getting mats out of dog hair:

Comfortable seating:

Try to comfort your dog without making him feel trapped or scared and make him sit in a place where you feel that it will be best suited for the dog. It could be a kitchen counter dining table or on a sofa.

Gentle massage:

Gently massage your dog and try to loosen hair with your hands naturally before using any kind of tool.

Matt separation:

Separate the untangled hair from the tangled hair while using a brush and identify the portions where hair is tangled and need treatment.

Use of brush in alternative directions:

Delicately brush the tangled territory, by using the bristle brush do not forget to put your fingers under the base and yet over the skin so that you can keep tugging the skin to a minimum when brushing. to break up hair fibers and keep brushing sideways.

Use of dementing brush or comb:

Use a dementing brush to detangle the mat and work your way towards the base. Be extra mindful while dementing so you don’t want to tear the skin and also make sure that your hand is under the fur all the time.

A spray of conditioner:

Splash your conditioner around the detangled territory until it’s slightly soggy. This step makes it simpler to get the brush skim through hair.

Use the comb to finish going over the newly detangled hair while using the conditioner inequitably.

Warmth and affection:

While doing through all this process make sure to give a talk to your dog make him warmth until the process is complete

Trimming mats out of your dog:

In case you are still finding it difficult to eliminate the knots, it is better to trim but make sure that you know the process completely. If not then it is better to use a professional for the purpose. Also if your dog has rigorously matted hair it is better to shave your pup


Prevention of matted hair is ideal for your dog. There are several things which can be done for that purpose. You should keep an eye on the diet, choose the right brush, use comb, give him a regular bath and finally manage the hair length to avoid matting issues in dogs.  


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