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Safe play vs aggressive play what’s the difference

Dogs love to play and it’s the best way for them to explore their surroundings and have fun  and it’s good  for them to get that exercise for better health . Playing excitedly is also a part of fun as they happily  circling around and jumping around makes them not only happiest but it’s also a sight to see for their owner. It’s okay for dogs to chase , play-bite , bark as long as it’s in a gentle and friendly manner. Playing with fun is one thing but if it gets out of hand and they start playing aggressively and start growling and scratching their playing partners then it’s a thing to be concerned about because as cute as they can be its not a thing you can be okay about . 

Playing with puppy:

Newborn puppy, being curious about everything, starts playing at a very young age . you can see them getting excited and starts playing as they get two weeks old with there little furry friends .as it is sight to see it’s a critical time for your little fur ball to develop those social skills because how much they get old things they learned at young age will be with throughout their life. They playing at such young age will teach them calmness, self control and how to have fun in peaceful environment because you don’t want your puppy to be aggressive and losing all his little friends whom he can play with.

It’s your duty to supervise them and make sure that your little one is having the time of his life but is  not aggressive to other dogs because once they grow up they don’t lose their playful side.

All dogs are individuals:

It’s very important for you to understand that like every human is different it goes for  animals too. They all have different personalities and the way they like to play is also different. Some are very extroverted and like to play excitedly while using their whole bodies specially paws while some are shy and nervous and need some time to get used to their surroundings and play with using their mouth only. 

As a human we don’t likely get along with every human we come across in our daily lives. It goes with your dogs they will not get along with every dog and that’s normal.

Why do dogs need to play:

They need to play for number of things which are very important :

They need to develop their social skills 

It’s important for there brain development 

Eliminate stress 

Blow off some energy and also to exercise 

How do they play:

You may see your dog drop their ‘front paws’ or bow this  is their way to signal their playing buddies they are ready to play . you may see them bouncing or circling round excitedly .

Dogs play while taking turns; they run after each while taking turns . It indicates they are having fun.

You may see your dog very happy while running along with his playing buddy while making a  face like he is grinning .

Puppies also ‘play growl’ as it sounds scary, it’s just their normal way of playing around.

‘Play biting’ is also a part of dogs’ play, as humans we may find it difficult to get used to but dogs often show submissive behavior and let other dogs bite their nose or ears .

While your pet is playing you need to keep a keen eye on your dog’s behavior . If he seems calm and taking turns to take breaks and then rejoining his group to play again and he seems relaxed then your dog is having the time of his life and you can relax too .

Aggressive play behavior:

Some puppies may have learned social skills but others may not and they can be really pushy towards their play buddies . some of the  signs of inappropriate behavior can be:

Neck biting

Big dogs playing rough with puppies

Body slamming

Standing over the neck of there playing buddy 

Growling teeth 

Barking in the face of other dog 

What influences aggressive behavior:

Aggressive behavior can appear in a variety of ways. Just because some dog shows sign of aggressive behavior does not mean you have to label him an aggressive dog . there can be lot of things why he is acting this way which can be:

The dogs who were isolated and are socially awkward are more likely to be aggressive in gatherings than the dogs who have learned social skills .

Dogs are more likely to show aggression when they are in fear or stressed out.

Elevated levels of testosterone may be reason for aggression 

Breeding females or with a little puppy are more likely to be seen as aggressive.

When they show signs of aggression it’s better to separate them from other animals rather than forcing them to socialize with other animals because keep in mind that redirected aggression can occur.

How to prevent aggressive behavior:

To discourage aggressive behavior for their better future playing circumstances introduce a solid training program and good socializing skills for your four legged friend.

Play dates with puppies:

Start early, start taking your puppy to meet and socialize with other well mannered puppies where he can learn from them .

Spay your dog:

It will help them keep control of their hormonal aggression .

Supervise your dog all times:

Don’t leave them unsupervised; they can learn bad manners very quickly.

Final thoughts:

As we know anything can be done with the right amount of love and care so even if your dog is showing aggressive behavior do not be discouraged it is something that can be treatable with the help of professional training and keep in mind it is better to prevent it rather than correct it .

With lots of attention, love and  care, positive socializing and understanding aggressive behavior you can keep your lovely pup happy.

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