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How to Choose the Right Dog Groomer


Dog grooming is a critical part of the well-being and healthiness of the dog which will change their life. It is the same as finding the right barber for yourself. How much grooming the dog takes depends on its ancestry and age. Regular grooming ensures that your dog is healthy and cozy. After adopting a dog the first thing you do for your dog is not to look shaggy or hairy. Choosing a groomer for your dog could be tricky sometimes as you want your pet to be in the best-looking shape.


Why Dog Groomers?

Dog groomers offer numerous services for the betterment of your dog which will be difficult to perform at home or can even lead to harm your dog like cutting the nail, cleaning of ears, gland expression and undercoat, etc. professional groomers know how to handle and take good care of your dog as they have years of experience and know all about the requirements of different breeds. Like puppies, care and needs are different from a large size dog.

Even if a dog is aggressive, the groomer knows how to handle the pet as they are patient, calm and knows how to handle stressful situations, they know various techniques on how to calm your dog as they have been doing it for a long time.

Another benefit of choosing a professional groomer is they will be able to notice any injury that needs to be checked by the vet, which otherwise could go unnoticed by the dog owner.


Benefits of dog grooming:

  • Remove fur mats
  • Increase blood flow to hair follicles
  • Clean ears
  • Locate parasites
  • Express anal glands
  • Remove dead hair and skin
  • Remove the undercoat from double-coated dogs
  • Alert you to skin problems or other medical issues


Additional benefits of grooming:


A dog that looks and smells nice all the time and will be free from any discomfit. It will reduce the risk of infections like eye, skin, teeth, ear and make sure that your dog is free from any kind of pain and disease. Regular grooming will lower your medical bills as it will prevent diseases.


Offers pet boarding services:


Many groomers also offer boarding services, like if you have to be out of town or late from work and there is no one at home to look after your dog, you can always choose a groomer who offers pet sitting and boarding services. 


How to choose the Right Dog Groomer:

Several aspects should be one’s mind before choosing the right groomer for your dog. Look around: look around your area or on the internet for dog grooming business as well as on the internet and Facebook or the websites this will give you a piece of insight information about it.


Ask your vet:

Your vet also can be a huge help in this regard he may be able to help you in finding an established and reputable groomer.


Word of mouth:

Often dog owners are very talkative, they love to talk about dogs and the measures they took for the well-being of their dog. If you like dogs grooming on the street or at the park you can always ask the person about which groomer they have used.


Narrow your list:

After consulting or looking on the internet about a couple of dog grooming business narrow your list according to your requirements.


Interview the groomer:

Once you have narrowed your list it is better to give them a call ask about their services and prices they will charge for their, Also ask them about their timing as well as the question about your breed and if it required any kind of special treatment. You can also ask about the duration which will be required for the treatment and also if they provide dogs bathroom and break time.


Visit the dog grooming salon:

Before you make an appointment it’s better to have always visited the saloon first. A good groomer will always be happy to let you visit his saloon, chat with you and show you around for the services which they provide for the dogs.


What to Look for?

You will be looking for a clean and protective environment for your dog. A place that is safe and friendly as well as professional looking for you to leave your dog. Look for the equipment they are going to use for your dog. Is it clean and safely stored? Would you feel comfortable leaving your dog in the hands-off groomer?

Do other dogs seem happy and are in the good hands of a professional?

Is there ample room in the cage for your dog so that he can easily move around in it?


First session:

Even after you are well informed, taking your dog to the groomer for the first time can sometimes be tricky as your dog’s mind feels nervous, do not worry about it as you have already chosen a professional who knows how to handle your pet. A regular visit to your dog groomer will enhance your knowledge and you will be able to tell your groomer about the needs and things you want for your dog, like if you want the tail of your dog fluffy or short.


Final word:

A professional dog groomer is a must if you want your dog to look clean, healthy and fresh.



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