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How often should I groom my dog?

Getting your dog groomed professionally is a great way to keep your pet neat, clean and tidy. Grooming will have a huge impact on your dog, your dog will smell nice and healthier for a long time because a professional will perform all the necessary steps which are vital for your dog to look healthier. 

One of the main questions, after you start dog grooming, is when and how to groom your dog, the answer is not so simple because even within the same species different breeds require different treatments and care, it depends on several factors like your pets coat, allergies and environment all are considered for grooming. Some dogs might need an occasional bath others a lot more.

It is also important that to know the needs of your specific dog breed; do complete research, consult your vet, breeder, or groomer to make sure what protocols will be best for your dog.  

It’s important to research the grooming needs of the specific breed you have as they vary depending on coat length and texture. For long hair, the dog would require more frequent grooming than a short hair dog.  Check with your vet or a professional groomer if you’re not sure.

Your dog’s health is also a factor in this regard, if there is any kind of parasite, bacteria or skin allergy the dog might need to visit a groomer more often than usual. 

Your dog’s coat/ appearance will normally decide how regular they should be groomed. Short haired dogs are less inclined to gather dust or get tangled so they will not require grooming as regularly. With these coat types, they are normally groomed only 4 times each year. Long hair dogs may also be groomed quarterly but the silky coated dogs need frequent hair trims to keep coats in good condition and to avoid matting.

Brushing your dog:

It is advisable to brush your dog at least twice a week, it will help maintain a healthy look there are various reasons or purposes for that, it will help in removing dead hair from the coat also to remove the debris and reducing shedding in the home. 


Teeth Brushing:

Preferably teeth brushing should be done daily because it will help prevent bad breath and poor health, but if it is not possible try to brush  at least 3 times a week.

Bathing your Dog:

Bathing is one thing that dog owners do more often than they should have, but ideally, it should be done only once in two to 4 weeks. Bathing a dog more often can be unhealthy because a dogs skin health is dependent upon the balance of oil produced and frequent bathing results in  consuming these vital oils which could be uncomfortable for the dog 

Nail Trimming:

Ideally, nail trimming must be done once every two to eight weeks as it mostly depends on your dogs breed. Make sure to slowly trim your dog’s nails to avoid any discomfort and use powder when the nail is quicked.

Ear Cleaning:

Ear cleaning is required in most dogs but it is better to keep an eye on it, clean only once you need it. However for some dogs like long ear dogs and the dogs who often swim you might need ear cleaning more often than usual.  Ear cleaning should always be included as a part of grooming.  

You’re Dog’s Coat:

Clipping your dog’s coat also depends on the breed, normally it is needed once every 1 to 6 months. It is better to determine how often your dog need clipping  by keeping an eye on his/her fur. 

Shedding treatment:  

Removal of the fur from the undercoat is very important, not only for the comfort of your dog but also so the dog hair wont float around your home. Winter weather dogs need de-shedding treatment more often as it will help them prevent itching or irritation 


If your dog has any kind of allergies that has an impact on its skin or coat then you may need to consider how often you should groom them. As some allergies may require more frequent grooming.

 Taking advice from your vet or groomer is the best way to go as they will give better advice as he/she has better insight into your pets individual needs. Your groomer will also recommend the best products to apply during grooming. 


Dogs that are often outdoors will need washing and grooming more often because of the dirt and bugs they pick in their coats. 


Budget is also an important part of dog grooming as it is not cheap, it is up to  the dog owner to set a realistic budget that they are willing to spend for dog grooming.

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